Business Writing

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people love it and others couldn’t think of anything worse than having to come up with the text for their new website or some blurb to describe what they do.

I happen to be one of those people who enjoy writing and I’m happy to help if you’re stuck for words and need support.

It’s easier for me to share with you examples of my writing so that you can get an idea of my style, although of course if I’m writing for you, I’ll find out what you want to say and how you want to say it. I’ve worked on a number of different projects one of which you can see below. S

Christian Concern, Crewe, Website

And here’s what some people said about my writing and interaction with others:

I have just had one of my regular meetings with the clinical managers.  I would like to give you some very positive feedback.  They were all very pleased with their engagement with you and your great ability to take what they say or write and translate it into something very readable that is reflective of the work they deliver.  You impressed them greatly. Thank you  

Angela has a great ability with words and language. She took the information on clinical services, spoke to the clinical teams and has created content that is much more public friendly.  The clinical teams are extremely complementary about her attitude and skill in relation to language.

Siobhan Horton, Matron, St. Luke’s Hospice

Angela supported us as an organisation in the rebuild of our website. She kindly and effectively helped us craft the messages we were seeking to express. Her ability to listen and guide us in expressing our values and activity base has proven invaluable. Angela has a knack of clarifying or distilling what one is attempting to say. She works with a calmness that leaves loads of space for meaningful dialogue and creative things. Without Angela’s help on this project we may have ended with twice the word count and half the message.

Rev. Rob Wykes, Director, Christian Concern 

Creative Writing

In addition, you can also see other examples of my work on the following sites:

My Beautiful Voyage

Coaching and Cakes

Little Write Space


I also enjoy creative writing and during 2012 worked with my local Library in Nantwich to start a creative writing group. This took off and the Library now hosts two groups every other week which I do my best to attend. This has been an exciting and interesting project to be involved with and as well as sharing our writing with each other and discussing the topic of creative writing, the Library has also invited guest authors and poets to come along and talk about their work. To find out more about the group please contact the Library on 01270 375361.

Here’s what the Library Manager, Tom Appleby had to say about my involvement.

“Nantwich Library Creative Writers Group has now been successfully established for around a year with two groups meeting on alternate Thursday evenings. The seed that grew into the creative writers group began with an author visit at the library. It was apparent that day many people who had attended were not just avid readers, but were also keen writers. One of those writers was Angela and she approached me after the event with the idea of starting a writers group. 

Angela’s help in establishing the group became crucial to its success. She was able to assist in drawing up critique guidelines and group rules. She was then able to assist in chairing the groups, encouraging members to share and critique their work. Lines of communication were further developed through a group Facebook page developed by Angela and established email links.

 The Creative Writers Group continues to flourish with a rich vein of creative writers of all abilities and this is down to the hard work and enthusiasm Angela has brought to the group.”

I also contribute to a short fiction site called Burrst. You can find out more about Burrst by clicking here.