Are you face to face with the second step?

8ccdf337-adad-4f57-8590-9df60e72eca8[1]When I began my business, I’m sure like many others, I thought long and hard about the name for my company. Yes, I wanted something that people would be able to remember easily and that made sense and was logical but in fact the name finally came when I looked at a framed print that I have on my office wall. It’s a print by a guy called Richard Stine, an American artist. If you like his work you can buy his prints here

As you can see, the dog has managed to climb the first step and now has his face pushed firmly up against the second step. He’s trapped, stuck perhaps and doesn’t know what to do next. It’s a massive climb to get up the next step and looks impossible. The print is called “face to face with the second step”. Continue reading