What do I do now I’ve been made redundant?

105943231Searching for a new job can be a tough process for anyone but more so if you’re just been made redundant from your previous position. You may well  be feeling vulnerable, unsure of your next move, conscious that you need a new job quickly due to your financial situation and not sure which way to turn first.

As well as the practical factors to contend with, you could well be facing emotional issues too. After all our career is usually significant in our lives. It is often linked very closely to our identity – who we are and what we bring to the world. If we feel this has been taken from us, we can feel lost or angry towards those that we believe caused the situation or depressed about what the future might hold. Despite understanding the rationale for business decisions, it can still feel personal, knock our confidence levels and leave us feeling rejected. I liken it to the feelings that arise during a relationship break-up.  It’s hard to come to terms with why you’re not the one anymore. You might feel unwanted, unable to understand the reasons why this has happened to you and it can be hard to move on and let go.

So what can you do in these circumstances to get your bounce back and to start to move forwards.

  • The first thing is to be aware that you may experience differing emotions following your redundancy. One day you might jump out of bed, full of enthusiasm and motivation to write your CV. Another day, you may wonder what’s the point as you’ve not heard back from any of those jobs you applied for. On a further day you may feel tired and overwhelmed and unsure where to make a start. During the process of change, we can move through various emotions, such as shock, denial, anger and depression towards a level of acceptance. Usually these feelings are temporary but when they arrive, they can feel strong and debilitating. Being aware this is all part of the change process and it isn’t usually going to last forever can be helpful.  You’re simply working through different emotions to reach a level of acceptance where once again you can see that you can make it work and that you are in control.
  • Secondly, try and be kind to yourself. Take some time out if you can. Often people  believe they have to take immediate action and start doing all sorts of tasks related to job search but actually you may need some time to consider your options and to ensure that you’re making the best decisions and choices for you. Otherwise you could be rushing into situations or sending out an unpolished CV or taking an unprofessional approach, simply because you’re not ready.
  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive people if possible. Try to avoid negative individuals who might bring you down. Think about how you feel around certain people. Do they lift and encourage you or do you feel that life is terrible when you’ve spent time with them? Make good choices for yourself right now.
  • Get out and about. It can be easy when you feel low to stay home and crawl into your nest to hide. Occasionally there’s nothing wrong with that, but getting out into the air and interacting with others can help our general sense of wellbeing.
  • Create positive routines. Try and stick to regular patterns in relation to eating, exercise and sleep routines. These will all help you remain healthy and in control.

In my next post, I will be talking about letting go of the past and how to change your perspective to aid your job search.

If this issue is affecting you at the moment and you’d like to meet to discuss the matter and work on your strategy of how to move forward positively, then you can contact me at angela@secondstepcoaching.co.uk for further details of my career coaching programme.


December Resolutions

141207186The run-up to and the Christmas period itself can be a challenging time for many people. We try hard to apply the message of goodwill, peace and joy to those around us although it can often feel like this is achieved by  sacrificing our own needs. How often have you found yourself writing Christmas cards late at night? How often are you the one rushing around to buy last minute gifts? And how often are you completely exhausted by the time Aunty Gladys pops the last sprout in her mouth from the Christmas dinner you’ve prepared and served. I absolutely love Christmas but there have been times when I’ve wondered if it really is worth all the effort.

And for that reason, I’ve decided to approach it differently this year. I’m setting some early resolutions. Yes, I know it’s a bit alternative, but I’m setting some for the month of December rather than waiting for January.  Well in fact, it’s one resolution really. I’ve decided to be kind to myself this month. I’m not going to get caught up in the hype of Christmas and end up with a horrible cold that arrives on December 23rd and lasts until Christmas is over.  I’m going to pace myself and take it steady. If certain things don’t get done, it’s quite simple, they won’t get done. Christmas Day will arrive whether I rush about like crazy or whether I take it all in my stride.

Here’s my top ten “Being Kind to Me”  list to get things started.

  1. Drink more water
  2. Eat as healthily as I can
  3. Buy my Christmas gifts in small independent shops or fairs avoiding the town and city centre crush
  4. Send fewer Christmas cards
  5. Moisturise my skin regularly and particularly at night before I go to sleep
  6. Take some gentle exercise
  7. Talk to myself kindly
  8. Give myself permission to go to bed early if I need to
  9. Meditate regularly through the month
  10. Take pleasure and be thankful for my life

Would you like to join me in my campaign? If so have a think about how you might be kind to yourself this December. Tell me your top ten or simply share your top three. I’d love to hear the ways you intend to be kind to yourself too.

Sending you peace, goodwill and joy and also permission for you to be kind to yourself this December.