What others say about EFT

The Benefits

I asked my clients what they thought were the benfits of EFT. Here’s what they had to say:

“Helped me get to the nub of why I have the relationship I do with food. Also addressed the key triggers of rejection, isolation, lack of attention and boredom and food being the comforter. Hopefully this technique will help me deal with these issues in the future.”

“More able to tune into my body, more relaxed, more confident that my body will cope with this issue and heal eventually, felt free of sadness and depth of worry about the issue and pain.”

“EFT has given me a portable technique to enable me to swiftly deal with any anxiety-inducing thoughts. I am now much more at ease spending time in situations which previously would have caused me considerable upset. This obviously has had a tremendous impact, for the better, on my levels of calm and inner peace.”

How EFT compares with other holistic techniques

I also asked how they would compare EFT to other therapies or techniques they’d used. This is what they said:

“I rate it much higher than other therapies”

“I have found acupuncture and massage to work well in the past. I would place EFT comparative to those therapies.”

“I am happy to rate EFT highly.”