Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

What if I told you that there is a technique which can help free you from anxiety, help you move through phobias and fears and154288527 work on specific issues like overcoming presentation, interview or exam nerves and which can also work on issues such as weight loss and confidence. You’d probably tell me I’m talking a lot of hooey and surely such a technique can’t possibly exist – can it? But actually Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT can help with all these things and many more. And not only that, it is a relatively simple and gentle technique which is easy to learn and the results can be surprisingly quick and long-lasting.

What is it?
EFT w166152874as developed by Gary Craig and can be described as a form of non-invasive acupuncture. It helps you to regain a sense of balance and harmony in your body and mind by simply tapping with your fingers on various acupuncture points around the body. Click here to see the tapping chart and the acupuncture points. EFT can help free you from emotions like anxiety, guilt, boredom, emptiness and overwhelm and help you have more clarity in your life. It can help you to cope with everyday issues and problem.

How I have used it personally?
I have personally  used EFT in lots of different areas of my life including to support me during bereavement, to help me  overcome procrastination, when presenting to others and when I was having extensive dental work including dental surgery. After the success I saw when using EFT, I decided to qualify  and use the technique to help others. I feel a bit like Victor Kiam from the old Remingon shaving adverts (for those among you able to remember that far back) – he liked the shaver so much he bought the Company. That’s the way I feel about EFT. Let’s take a look at what might happen in the example below:

The Dreaded Presentation
Here’s what  might happen during a presentation:

  • During or just before a presentation you were struck down with butterflies in the stomach
  • Your hands went shaky and you felt unable to speak or
  • Someone close to you or someone you respected said “I remember my first presentation, I was rubbish – you’ll probably be the same.”

The emotions or feelings that you experience during the presentation can become trapped in your energy system, particularly if things didn’t go quite as you wanted or you felt you could have done better. The next time someone suggests that you do another presentation – all those old feelings are triggered. You go into self-preservation mode and think to yourself – “I’ll avoid presentations at all costs. I certainly don’t want to feel like that again or have to go through that experience again.”  And although you are trying to protect yourself, in fact what’s happening is that you are limiting yourself. You are stuck with the belief that you never want to experience those things again and will come up with all sorts of strategies to ensure that you don’t. This is quite a simple example although to those who’ve expereinced this fear, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. EFT works on freeing you from these beliefs and helping you move through this stuckness.

Mind and Body Connection
We talk a lot about mind and body connection, but it is rare to find a technique that works with both. Tapping on accupuncture points while at the same time saying words that focus on an emotional disturbance helps release the negative em166152386otion and enables you to let go of old feelings or limiting beliefs that might have held you back.  Sometimes an emotional trauma can be so devastating that we think we’ll never be able to move on from it and it can dominate our lives. EFT can help in gaining a fresh perspective.Putting it another way, it’s a bit like having a clear out at home. When you’ve sorted your wardrobe and donated no longer wanted clothes to charity or you’ve finally sorted out that giant stack of papers think about how good it feels. There is space. There is control. The papers no longer seem overwhelming, the wardrobe no longer feels out of control. The same applies when you clear out these old emotions and let them go. Their intention may have been to protect you and keep you safe, but they may also have limited you and kept you from moving on. You know what they say, you have to let the old stuff go in order to let the new stuff in.

How it’s helped others
Don’t just take my word for it, click here  to see what some of the people I’ve worked with thought about it and the benefits they received. And of course if you really want to know what it’s like, there’s no better way than to book an appointment and experience it for youself.