93127168If you had to write a big list of all the priorities in your life, would you appear on that list? If you’re like most people you’d probably be close to the bottom or not on the list at all. In our rush to do everything else we often neglect ourselves choosing to focus on all the activities that we believe have to  be done. The fast pace of work and technology mixed with balancing home lives and children often means the time to focus on you is almost always out of your grasp. You can be left feeling out of balance and out of control.

I want to help put you back in the driving seat of your life. During a coaching session we’ll focus on what’s important to you and help you set some goals to make it happen. I believe that coaching is an investment in you. It’s about creating time and space for you to think about what you’d really like your life to look like, who you really want to be and what things are so important to you that they can’t be put off any longer. Coaching creates space for you to explore, to experiment and to reveal your heart’s desires in a completely safe environment.

On this occasion, it really is all about you.

What is Coaching?

It seems that in the busy busy world we live in, there is little opportunity for “Me time”. Coaching is a way of addressing that and helping to achieve balance in your life. I believe that investing in coaching for yourself or for those  in your business opens up time and space that is so rare. Coaching sessions are all about you. Where else can you expect undivided attention to focus on what’s important to you. A coaching session provides:

  • time and space to reflect and review
  • time to think things through
  • an opportunity to get creative
  • an opportunity to explore options and choices
  • time to set  actions to achieve the changes you want to make

The coaching process enables you to come up with your own solutions by taking personal responsibility and through raising self awareness.

What should I expect?

Coaching is completely confidential and provides the opportunity to work towards your goals in a safe environment. But don’t think that it’s a soft option. It’s not an opportunity to simply have a good chat. I personally like to challenge those I work with119846425  and to explore what might be holding them back, always in an encouraging and supportive manner. I’m also not going to tell you what to do. You will set the agenda and be responsible for setting goals and taking action. Coaching is not an easy option. Making changes can sometimes feel scary. It sometimes feels like it would be far easier to revert back to the “old you”. But remember I’ll be there to support and encourage you and to help you take the next steps.

Coaching tends to be future-orientated. It is not therapy. We won’t be trawling back through your history and talking about the relationship you have with your mother. There may be a little delving into the past when it’s relevant but mostly we’ll be focused on the present and future and how to move forward.

During our one-to141257167-one coaching sessions we’ll talk about where you are right now and more importantly where you’d like to be. We’ll focus on the things that are important to you – your dreams, your values and your heart’s desires and we’ll also take a look at what might be stopping you from attaining them. You might have some limiting beliefs hidden away or some old assumptions about what you do and don’t deserve in life. We’ll work together to help you let go of old fears and doubts and move towards setting actions to help you get what you want in life.

Are you up for it?

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