Career Support

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Not sure what to do next?
Bored and unhappy in your current job?
Feeling like there must be more to life than this?

Career coaching can be valuable whatever stage of your career you are at. You might be starting out and wanting guidance on what to do and how to approach your job search or you might be at the other end of the spectrum and want a change of direction having committed yourself to many years in a certain industry.

Having someone to discuss your career with and explore your options can help you focus and enable you to take the next steps.

Supporting people in relation to employment decisions and change has been a big part of my own career. I have worked with people at all stages of their career including those who have found themselves suddenly out of a job due to restructure and redundancy.  I also trained with John Lees, author of “How to get a job you’ll love”

If you’re struggling with career decisions and want a helping hand, give me a call.

Curriculum VitaeCV and Interview Preparation
During my 20+ years in Human Resources, I’ve read a lot of CVS and interviewed a lot of people. In that time I’ve read some brilliant CVs and some absolute shockers, I’ve been completely bowled over by some people’s ability to excel at interviews and met others that bored me to tears. I’ve learnt what looks good and what’s definitely not acceptable and I’d like to share my experience with you.

CV Preparation
Preparing a CV can be difficult, after all not everybody’s comfortable writing about how great they believe they are. There can be a tendency to play down our experience and undersell our skills. Yet the CV is all we have to take us to the next step, i.e. securing an interview, so it’s really important that we get it right. If you’re not sure where to start or even what’s expected  I can help you  and guide you step by step through the process. Once you’ve got something on paper, we’ll then review it to ensure that it’s the best it can be.

Alternatively, if you are already confident that what you have is good but you’re looking for a second opinion, I’m happy to review your CV and provide feedback.

Interview Preparation
Being invited to attend an interview can be both exciting and nerve-racking. You know that you’ve done enough on your CV to get your foot in the door, but now it’s the “up close and personal stuff” – you’ve actually got to sell yourself and persuade the employer that you are the best person for the job. For some this is an exciting opportunity and they feel comfortable and at ease in the interview chair. Yet for others it can be daunting and scary. If you suffer from any form of performance anxiety, being in this position can really make you feel uncomfortable.

I’ve lots of experience of interviewing people and can work with you using a variety of techniques to help you overcome interview nerves. Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can free you from this type of anxiety and once you’re feeling more confident, we can role play your interview. Just think how much better prepared you’ll be once you’ve already rehearsed the meeting with me and had some feedback.