Nanowrimo – only 1 week to go

158582760As you may already know I am currently writing my first novel and have been for some time now.  It all started when I signed up to do the Nanowrimo challenge back in 2011 which basically stands for National Novel Writing Month.  It’s an opportunity to write 50,000 words of your novel during the month of November and so this is where I started “My once upon a time” journey.  It was a lot of fun and I met with other writers undertaking the challenge at weekly write-ins to ensure that we all focussed on that all important word count or as the Leader of the Group would say, “Bums on chairs, fingers on the keys.” It’s a snappy phrase to remember.

Anyway, it’s quite an addictive process once you get hooked and so I’ve signed up again this year and as this Blog covers many of the things I’m interested in, I shall be blogging about my experiences.  The same posts will also appear on my specialist writing blog which you can find at

If you’re doing Nanowrimo this year, it would be great to hear your comments and connect with you.



Keeping Positive during Job Search

There was a flurry of activity in the house yesterday morning, when I was confirmed to speak on the Perry Spiller show on BBC Radio Stoke at lunchtime. Perry was interested in finding out more about how you mentally prepare for a job search and interviews after redundancy and also how you keep positive if you’ve been searching for a job for a long time without success. If you’ve just been made redundant, that can be hard enough, however, continually applying for jobs and not getting them is even harder. It can be immensely frustrating and also it can really knock your levels of confidence and self-esteem. Over the course of the next few posts, I’ll be writing on this subject in more detail, so why not subscribe to my posts to ensure you get them all.

I’m also in the process of developing a new career coaching programme and will be sharing details of this too in the near future. As I’m still in the development stages, let me know what you would be interested in if you were undertaking this programme as it’s always good to get feedback from others.

So for now here’s the link to the radio show which will be available for the next 6 days. I’m on right at the end of the show so if you toggle forward to 2 hours 45 minutes into the show, you’ll find me there:

And don’t forget to let me know your comments.





Another act of shameless self promotion

For those of you who have read my Biog on here, you’ll know that I’m working on my first novel and that I also like to dabble in other creative writing projects.

Well, I am proud to announce that a short story I wrote about a woman suffering from depression has been published on Morgen Bailey’s Flash Fiction Friday website. You can read it here:

Plus if you’d like to find out more about Morgen’s site click here.  She shares lots of information and sends out a daily writing prompt for those of us who like a nudge and something to get us motivated.

I’d love to hear your comments on my piece so feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Wishing you well with your writing dreams.

Until next time…




Shameless Self Promotion

GooseberriesIn an act of shameless self-promotion, I’m writing to tell you that I’ll be at the Nantwich Show on Wednesday 31st July touting my wares. I love connecting with new people and reconnecting with old friends, so if you know me please swing by and say hello and if you don’t why not come and introduce yourself. It will be great to see you.

As you may well know, the Nantwich show is best known for its marvellous array of wonderful cheeses. Suppliers travel from all over the world to bring you their finest cheeses. Yum, I feel hungry just thinking about it. But when you’re completely full of the choicest Cheshire and the most gorgeous Gruyeres and you want something different, head over to see me and my colleague Anne. We’ll be in the Town and Country pavilion and would love to talk to you about what’s important to you in life and how we can help you. We can arrange life coaching, career coaching, an EFT session, wedding nerves coaching, Reiki and much more. We want to support you in living positively and believe that we have much in our portfolio that can do that.

We’ll be running a competition during the show and two lucky winners will benefit from a 30 minute session with one of us. Does it get any better? Well yes in fact it does. As a special promotion, I will also be offering a show discount of 25% off my prices. So if you book a one to one session with me at the show, you’ll be able to purchase at the reduced rate.

I really hope to see you at the show and let’s hope this weather continues and we get a sunshine day to meet and greet you.

That’s all folks.

Getting Back to Source

I’m very excited as I shall be taking a stand at the Nantwich Show for the very first time this year. I’m sharing space with my colleague Anne Marie Yates from Key to Confidence and we’ll be there to welcome those of you who are interested in self-development. We’ll also be promoting our wedding nerves coaching which you can find out more about by clicking here.

I first attended the show back in 2010 and wrote about my experience on my coaching and cakes website. The show in particular made me reflect on the source of things. The show takes you very much back to source with all the cattle and poultry around and of course by looking at all the entries in the vegetable and flower show. If you’d like to read my original thoughts please follow the link here. Maybe we all need a little time to reflect on who we are and how we got to where we are right now? If we look deep inside, we may well be able to get back in touch with our true source and what’s important to us?

I’d love to chat to you more about this subject and if you’re visiting the show, please drop by and say hello. It will be great to meet you.



The Great Gatsby


I was so excited at the prospect of seeing the newly released Baz Luhrmann version of F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic tale “The Great Gatsby”. The original release date was Boxing Day 2012 so I when I found out that it had been put back to May 2013, there was even more time for me to work myself up into a frenzied state of excitement.

  • Could I think of anyone better than Leonardo Dicaprio to play Gatsby – no I couldn’t
  • Was the soundtrack bound to be amazing – yes I’m sure it would be
  • Would the scenes be beautifully filmed – based on Moulin Rouge, I was convinced it was going to be absolutely magnificent.

And then I went to see the film. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it and I thought some of it was beautiful. But it didn’t blow me away and I wanted to be blown away. I wanted to rave to my friends about how they really must see it. I wanted to tell them that if they only saw one film this year, Gatsby should be that film. But I couldn’t and frankly I was disappointed. Continue reading

Are you face to face with the second step?

8ccdf337-adad-4f57-8590-9df60e72eca8[1]When I began my business, I’m sure like many others, I thought long and hard about the name for my company. Yes, I wanted something that people would be able to remember easily and that made sense and was logical but in fact the name finally came when I looked at a framed print that I have on my office wall. It’s a print by a guy called Richard Stine, an American artist. If you like his work you can buy his prints here

As you can see, the dog has managed to climb the first step and now has his face pushed firmly up against the second step. He’s trapped, stuck perhaps and doesn’t know what to do next. It’s a massive climb to get up the next step and looks impossible. The print is called “face to face with the second step”. Continue reading

Pick and Mix

145158838Welcome to the Second Step Blog – the place where I intend to share interesting things or at least I hope you’ll find that to be the case. I’m not sure yet exactly what topics I’ll be writing about. Life is diverse and although naturally it will include posts on coaching, emotional freedom technique and writing it may include other things that I think you’ll enjoy. Perhaps it can be described as a pick and mix blog – you’re never quite sure what you might get if you put your hand in, but hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I look forward to seeing you here and of course if there are topics that you are particularly interested in do let me know.  If something is thought provoking or challenging or if you just like what I have to say I’d love for you to comment on the blog so that we can connect.